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Whether you are a patient, prescriber, payor, or manufacturer, we are here to help.

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With our specialized programs and clinical experience, we help patients simplify and manage their complex and chronic conditions.

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Supporting your patients with their medication reimbursement and financial support needs

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Leveraging our expertise, support, and resources for your better health

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Working alongside your team to allow you to focus on your time on improving the health of your patients

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About Sunray

Who We Are

Our pharmacies are all independently owned by pharmacists and members who faithfully serve the patients in our communities. We take the time to know our patients by name. With over 60 years of experience, we pride ourselves with unmatched service and dedication.

In 1929, Sunray Drugs was the first and largest chain of independently owned drug stores with over 150 stores in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland. However, by 2003, there remained only one drugstore in all of Sunray, and it was in jeopardy of being bought out by a large corporate chain.

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Our healthcare team at Sunray Specialty Pharmacy is specialized in complex and chronic diseases. Select a specialty to learn more.

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Hepatitis C
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Sunray Drugs
Specialty Pharmacy

We go above and beyond to support our communities and patients with personalized service, programs and involvement. Everything you have come to expect from our neighborhood pharmacies in a specialty pharmacy.

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Personalized Patient Care

We don’t just provide medications to our patients. We provide patient education and training through our specialized materials and in-depth discussions about their medications and conditions. Our high touch service is personalized to meet every patient’s individual needs.

Initial Consultation

As soon as we receive a patient’s first prescription an introductory call is placed with the patient to discuss the treatment plan, dosing, and potential side effects. We make sure patients understand their treatment and are comfortable taking their medications.

Regular Follow-up

We understand the importance of proper compliance. Our staff helps you manage your medication side effects and symptoms by staying in direct contact with you throughout treatment. We notify physicians of any adverse events or cimplications as as they arise.

Fast, Reliable Service

We have access to a variety of drugs for several key conditions. We make simple for patients to get started on their medications through our easy and efficient enrollment process over the phone. We issue refill reminder phone calls to patients and offer fast, free home delivery of medications. We have emergency pharmacist access 24/7/365

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