Orilissa is a new medication that is used to help relieve symptoms of endometriosis. It has been proven to help with painful periods, pelvic pain in between periods, and pain with sex. Orilissa comes in two different doses: 150 mg tablets and 200 mg tablet. The 150 mg tablets are taken once daily and the 200 mg tablets are taken twice daily. Orilissa works by lowering the amount of estrogen (the hormone that causes endometriosis lesions and the resulting pain) levels in the body.

What are the most common side effects of Orilissa?
Orilissa can cause hot flashes or night sweats, headaches, nausea, and insomnia. A less common but more severe side effect caused by Orilissa is bone loss.

How can I prevent bone loss while taking Orilissa?
Your doctor may suggest that you take calcium and vitamin D supplements to help maintain your bone health.

Does taking Orilissa work as birth control to help prevent pregnancy?
Orilissa does not work to prevent pregnancy. It is important to use effective birth control methods while taking this medication. Orilissa can cause missed periods which may make it more difficult to know that you are pregnant. Orilissa is not recommended if you are trying to become or are pregnant.

What if I can’t afford Orilissa?
The drug company offers coupons to help you afford Orilissa. You can learn more about the coupon here: https://www.orilissa.com/insurance-and-savings/co-pay-card

Is Orilissa right for me?
Talk to your doctor to find out if Orilissa is a good option to help you with your endometriosis pain.