Under the strong leadership of Philadelphia College of Pharmacy alumni, Sunray Specialty Pharmacy is leading the charge throughout COVID-19 to help maintain access to long-acting injectable anti-psychotics. We fill and dispense most long-acting injectable anti-psychotic medications with NO PRIOR AUTHORIZATION required! Sunray Specialty Pharmacy delivers medications typically within 2 hours!

With many offices closing due to COVID-19, patients and providers worry about discontinuing long-acting injectable anti-psychotic therapy. This can lead to non-compliance and therapeutic failure. We want to avoid this at all costs. Therefore, we have 15 community pharmacy locations throughout the city offering free injection administration and medication delivery coordination.

Sunray Specialty Pharmacy is the only specialty pharmacy in the Philadelphia area with numerous partnered community pharmacy injection sites*. Above all, we want to help ease the difficulty of the impact of coronavirus on adherence and therapy efficacy.

Our community pharmacy injection sites include:

Sunray Specialty Pharmacy injection site locations

To view these locations on a map, please click here.

Please call (215) 471-4000×0 if you have any additional questions or to schedule an appointment for you or your patient.

*Disclaimer: We cannot administer Zyprexa Relprevv due to REMS requirements; however, we can fill Zyprexa Relprevv if there is a REMS-approved injection site to which we can deliver.