Let’s Make a Difference

As Minority Mental Health Awareness Month comes to a close, we want to remind everyone that minority mental health should be given attention at all times, not just during July. Minority groups are less likely to receive care for their mental health condition. Let’s help improve this statistic and improve access to care for minority communities.

To help improve access to care, Sunray Specialty Pharmacy offers several services to help all of our patients with mental illnesses.

1. Frequent Check-Ins:

We check in frequently with our patients, as much as you need or as little as once a month. If something is wrong, we are here to talk and help. Call us at any time. We are not here just to fill and deliver your medication automatically with no contact. We are here as part of your support system.

2. Injectable Medication Administration:

We offer free anti-psychotic injection administration in our pharmacies in private areas (as long as it is okay with your provider). You shouldn’t have to travel across the city or even outside of Philadelphia to receive your injection. One of our pharmacists will reach out to you to schedule your injection date at your preferred Sunray Drugs (or associated) pharmacy. You can show up on your appointment date whenever works for you during the pharmacy’s open hours. Not sure which Sunray Drugs pharmacy is closest to you? Just ask your Sunray Specialty Pharmacy pharmacist and find out in seconds!

3. Free Car Share Rides:

No car? No problem! We offer free car share rides for you to get to your injection appointment, too! Just ask your Sunray Specialty Pharmacy pharmacist how you can get signed up!

With Sunray Specialty Pharmacy, you are #NotAlone. You are important.