Medication Synchronization
Everyone probably feels that there are not enough hours in the day to complete all of the tasks that they wish to accomplish. Why add multiple trips to the pharmacy to your list? With medication sync you can have all of your prescriptions filled on the same day. This will allow you to make one trip to the pharmacy in order to pick up all of your medications for the next month. Limiting the amount of time you will need to spend in the pharmacy picking up, and refilling all of your medications!

Specialty Packaging
Do you have a difficult time remembering when and what time you should be taking your medications?
If so, then speak with your pharmacy staff about having your medications placed into blister packaging. Blister packaging provides you with all of your medications grouped together into a plastic blister that can be taken at a set time each day. The pharmacy staff can even label what time of day you should be taking each of the blisters. This can provide you with a much more simplified approach to taking your medication. Eliminating the hassle of remembering which medications should be taken in the morning versus the evening, and also ensuring that all of your medication is together in one convenient place.
Reading the small print instructions on the prescription label can be difficult.
Ask your pharmacy staff about providing a print out with the instructions written in a larger print. This can eliminate the need to squint and strain while trying to read your prescription label for the instruction, number of refills, which doctor prescribed the medication, etc.
I have a difficult time opening my prescription bottles.
The normal safety cap on your medication bottles can be replaced with a non-safety cap. This eliminates the need to push the cap down while turning, and can simply be turned off of the bottle like the lid on a water bottle.

This article was written by student pharmacist Vincent David.