Ajovy (fremanezumab)

Ajovy is a medication used for the preventive treatment of migraine. Ajovy is a monthly or quarterly injection in the upper arm, abdomen, or thigh. Ajovy was shown to reduce monthly migraine days by 50% in as early as 1 week.  

Who should not take Ajovy 

Do not use Ajovy if you are allergic to any ingredients in Ajovy 

What are the most common side effects?  

Most common side effect of Ajovy is injection site reaction. Talk to your doctor immediately if this bothers you or that it does not go away.  

How much would this medication cost?  

Ajovy offers a savings card that can help you pay as little as $5 per prescription. You can find the savings card here: https://www.ajovy.com/savings 

Is Ajovy right for me?  

Talk to your doctor to find out if Ajovy is a good option for you.

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Written by: Jonathan Pham
Temple University College of Pharmacy
PharmD Class of 2021